Well this is awkward. This website developer hasn’t finished building his website yet.

Hello, my name is Emad and I’m a front-end website developer and a user experience (UX) and graphic designer. I have aquired a number of skills and tools over my 10+ years of experience and bring those to every project I work on. After many years of freelance and being an entrepreneur, I am currently happily employed full-time as a software engineer but still enjoy taking a project or two on the side.
If you are interested in graphic or web design done by me…
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So why isn’t your website done yet, Mr. Website Developer?

Well, I’m quite busy between my career, raising a family, and, of course, working on your website. I currently take on 1 – 2 freelance jobs at a time to give myself time and provide a prompt turnaround for you. And with so many clients on my waiting list it has been tough giving my website the tender love and care it needs.